ISI Proctor/Exam Request Form

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Use this secure online form to supply us with contact information about the proctor you will be using for your ISI course. When you are finished, you may review the information and submit it to the ISI office. If you need assistance, please contact the ISI office at (877) 464-3246 or

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All ISI exams require a proctor unless the course guide indicates that an exam is to be self-administered. Each course requires a separate Proctor/Exam Request Form.

Students are responsible for finding a qualified person to supervise the exam process, proctor exams and return completed exams to ISI. It is the student's responsibility to provide his/her contact information to the proctor, make exam arrangements and notify the proctor of changes. The student must show government issued picture identification to the proctor before taking an exam (student ID cards are not acceptable). The student is required to follow guidelines outlined in the Course Rules posted on the course BBLearn website.

Selection of an independent, non-biased proctor protects the student from allegations of academic dishonesty and maintains the standards of the region's accrediting agency. Proctor selection is subject to approval by ISI and the course instructor, and is monitored throughout the duration of the course. Independent Study in Idaho reserves the right to ask the student to select a new proctor at any time.

ALL exams for most courses will be sent at the same time, unless otherwise directed in the Course Rules. All exams are paper based. Graded exams are not returned to the student.

Students must recruit a proctor who will:
  • Receive all exams directly from ISI and store them in a secure location
  • Supervise the exam process in an educational setting or library
  • Monitor the student for the duration of the exam
  • Return each exam and completed Proctor Instruction Letter to ISI within one week of the exam being completed
  • Follow ISI policies throughout the exam process to ensure academic integrity

Unacceptable proctors
  • Friends, family members or members of the same household
  • Personal or educational mentors, tutors or advisers
  • Coworkers, including employers/supervisors
  • Athletic coaches, assistant coaches or athletic administrators
  • Substitute teachers, retired teachers or current students
  • Anyone who does not have a professional email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are unacceptable)
Acceptable Proctors
  • College/university/K-12 administrators or instructors
  • Official testing center staff at a college/university
  • Educational officers of a corporation, military installation, or correctional facility
  • Certified librarians at a library, college/university, or school